Château d'Hugues





From generation to generation, wine and painting passion is transmitted in the family.  Bernard PRADIER has exhibited his paintings since 1969 and maintained the link between wine and art. This artistic thought appears even on the labels of the Château d'Hugues wines. "Catching a glimpse of an ephemeral light on the vines, the harmony of a landscape, stopping the time flight to enjoy the moment."


For a few years, Bastien PRADIER, has joined his father in these two passions. His oil painting is dynamic and colourful, taking its inspiration from mythology. He fashions paintings and sculptures like mirrors showing human nature : “Art is the meeting point between Man and Universe. It brings us to be conscious of beauty".


When you come to Château d'Hugues, you could, by appointment, visit the art gallery and discover the permanent exhibitions of Bernard and Bastien PRADIER's aquarelles, pastels, oil paintings and sculptures. They also organize temporary exhibitions by theme several times a year in the CD'H Wine/Gallery shop in Avignon and in other places in France too.


They also suggest you "wine initiation courses by painting" throughout the year : VINEA IN PICTURA. In every season, you will learn to "observe, touch, feel, listen to vine, to taste the genesis of a wine in the best way." The first period starts with "the sense of touch", the sense of contact with the vine stock until its retranscription by drawing to apprehend its particular shapes.


This first session will take place on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th January 2011. The course costs 180€ per person, without lunch and accomodation fees. The group, up to 12 people, will be divided into two workshops and attend painting and sculpture courses successively. You will be given an accomodation list close to the estate when you book in.  Please contact us for more information.