Château d'Hugues





The vine cultivation was used very early in our region as it is shown on the map of "Allobrogie", drawn by Pliny the Elder. Many archaelogical discoveries on the lands of the estate, like tiles or amphora bottoms, suggest that vines were already being grown there during the Gallo-Roman era. A few centuries later, we find in archives the first signs of the story of the estate.




The name of the Château comes from Monsieur D'HUGUES' family name, who made it build at the end of the 17th century or so. PRADIER family purchased the estate in 1869, and follows a long line of descent of vine growers. All these men and women who picked stones and ploughed, planted and maintained the vineyards, give us today our old vines which take part in the quality of our wines.




In 1988, my wife Sylviane and I decided to create our cellar and thus succeed my father. I would like to pay homage to him for his work which is behind the fame of the Château d'Hugues wines. I would also like to thank my parents for their contribution, my daughter Marie for her investment when she worked with us, and my son Bastien, who takes over the estate in turn.