Château d'Hugues






The Winter ... in our vine


The winter in our vine is the moment of the rest merited, and mens, spine bended on boletus, on the Mistral winter, began the long period of "the deadheading". Short deadheading claim to be in "tumbler" on grape variety Grenache and Cinsault and deadheading claim to be in "cordon of royat" for the Syrah and the Mourvèdres. This minutious work is the first stage who conditions, throughout the year, the continuity of the works. Later, we bring, during his hibernation, the nourishment just necessary for it had the force to go draw at more deep from ground its reserves. The nature kindly will do the rest!

The winter ... in our cellar


For this time, in the calm and in the obscurity from our underground cellar, ascend the old vintages. The wines of the year, as for them, finish quietly their fermentation in tradionals little vat. Then for months, follow "racking", that is, to transfer one vat to an other, to retire naturally solid matter in sediments.Nearby of that, one time by month, we "ouch" barrels containing our cuvee "l'Orée des Collines". This operation consist to add wine for compense it loss of volume, due to evaporation accross the wood, call "piece of angels"!




The winter ... on our tables


When you receive guests, we have to choose each wine in fonction of dishes constituting your menu, and it's not always a easy thing. For this, it existe differents ways to taste, the one we advise isnt' technic but hedonistic, simply for the pleasure of live well.


During your visit, we will happy to present you this way to proceed with our assortment, to compose "weddings from reasons"... until amazing "weddings love" for the better harmony!